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Makeup is as much about the tools you use as the products you apply. The right type of brush can make all the difference. A good brush will pick up just the right amount of product and deposits it on your skin without streaking. Blending comfortably and ensuring an easy application.

We use hair selected especially for each type of application. This can be natural hair such as Siberian squirrel, sable or goat hair. And for some products synthetic hair is the best choice.

Each brush is individually hand crafted by skilled artisans and created with function in mind. Never cutting the tips of the hair, but rather hand sculpting them into the desired shape for each individual brush.

We hope you will enjoy our products just as much as we enjoyed creating them.



LVS Brushes was founded by Dutch makeup artist Liselotte van Saarloos in 2009.

An industry professional who has been working within the (inter)national market for over 18 years.

Not satisfied with the range of brushes that were available,

she decided to develop a range that met her professional standards.

High quality handmade makeup brushes that would meet all the needs within the cosmetic industry.

In the early years the products were only available for professionals.

A growing reputation within the industry led to more and more inquiries from makeup enthusiasts

who can now also enjoy our products.

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